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The SmileHighway

Earn SmileMiles for every positive review that you send out or receive. Your miles give you access to exclusive offers from awesome companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Nike.


Join contests for a chance to win great prizes! Best of all, if you share the link with others, you get more chances to win! Every Business can have a contest and there is no limit to how many contests you can enter!

Pharmacy Card

Receive a free prescription savings card with average savings from 15% to 60% off generic drugs and average savings from 15% to 25% off brand name prescriptions at over 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. is a multi-national marketing platform designed to permanently connect businesses and its employees to consumers worldwide. more...

Our Positive Shows/Negative Goes Ratings system is designed to promote the positive relationships that we all enjoy each day.more...

Our Mission will be be to use our global positioning to stay neutral to all parties and view helping humankind as our objective. We will strive to create projects on all scales that will address issues that governments cannot address.

CashBack is our way of saying thanks for shopping with your favorite Businesses using Feebee. Thank you for supporting businesses that in turn support others. You will earn 1% CashBack simply by shopping on Feebee!

We are also committing 1% to support our unique CharityPoints. These will have a monetary value that can be used to support projects created, sponsored and completed on Feebee.

Unique Features

  • Feebee Reviews - A complete review system like no other.
  • FeebeeRx - Your free pharmacy discount card.
  • Contests - Easy to join, easy to win!
  • Smile Highway - Gain incentives for spreading positivity.
  • Deals - Safe and secure shopping with our Purchase Policy.
  • Jobs - Find employment easily and locally!
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